Volunteer application forms

Volunteer With KCU

The KCU Volunteer Team supports the charity through volunteering:

  •   In KCU Charity shop.
  • In KCU Warehouse.
  •   At the FoodBank Hub.
  • As a trained advisor within our Customer Resource, Support and Advice centre.
  •  Marketing and sales online through social media platforms.
  •  At the main office; assisting with admin roles.
  •  As a Mentor/Befriender*.

All roles that volunteers undertake are based on the skills they have and would like to develop or gain to get into work. If volunteers are in work or have retired, tasks are set to enable volunteers to support the community.

If you wish to download and email a volunteer application form please download from here and email to sylvia.mclevy.kcu@btconnect.com

If you would like to discuss how you could benefit from volunteering with KCU you can call the office on 01536 481989.

*This role is subject to an informal interview, DBS Check and Training *

KCU Shop Volunteer

The KCU Shop and Warehouse are both a big part of the KCU Community. Through the shops we are able to really support our local community. They are a friendly place to go and chat with the volunteers while they learn skills that can enhance their employablity.

Skills development on offer to Volunteers through the shops are:

  • Serving and helping the General Public
  • Stock rotation.
  • Reserching a fair pricing.
  • Preparing stock for resale.
  • Maintain the overall look of the shop.
  • Operating the till


KCU Foodbank Hub Volunteer

KCU Foodbank Hub works in partnership with organisations who work front line with members of the general public. The Foodbank Volunteers prepare parcels that are delivered weekly to KCU partners. This enables those who are in need of emergancy food to receive the help they need in addtion to emergancy food. To find out further information and who the partners are please click this link 

Volunteers at the Foodbank hub are tasked with:

  • Reciving donations from the food donators.
  • Weighing in.
  • Date rotation.
  • Shelve stocking.
  • Making up parcels.

KCU Volunteer Mentor/Befriender

The Mentor/Befriender role is relatively new to KCU having been launched in July 2016. KCU Mentor/Befrienders are a trained team of KCU volunteers who share their skills with other volunteers who wish to upskill and develop confidence or enhance their employability with their Mentee/Befriender. To find out more about the Inclusive Mentor/Befriender Project. 

Mentees/Befriender are either current KCU Volunteers or are referred to KCU through the partnerships. If you wish to find out more about referal please see here

Mentor/Befrienders are tasked with:

  • Working 1-1 on a weekly basis with their Mentee/Befriender.
  • Setting goals.
  • Focusing on their own personal development.
  • Attending exclusive training events.

An informal interview, DBS check, training and support are provided in order to undertake this role. If you are interested in becoming a KCU Mentor/Befriender Volunteer please call the main KCU office and speak to Sylvia on 01536 481989

KCU Digital Team

Since February 2017 KCU has begun to ‘Get Digital’ Selling and promoting online. To build on this we would like to bring together a group of digitally aware volunteers to enable them to build their skills in a newly launched online environment. What we are asking from the Team is to be able to:

  • Tweet.
  • Facebook.
  • Create visual assets to promote the work of the Charity.
  • Lead on social media campaigns.
  • Improve social media network.





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