Privacy Policy


KCU Privacy Policy

Any information provided by you will be used for KCU purposes only. Your information will not be shared with any individual or other companies* (such as direct mail organisations or other third parties) unless prior agreement is given.

There are times when we may request information from you, such as your, name, phone number, address and e-mail address. When additional information is requested, we will try to let you know at the time of collection how we intend to use the personal information e.g. to respond to your inquiry, accept an order, book you on a course.

Online we analyse data collected from traffic that passes through the website, collecting data from which pages are viewed, when and where a viewer may click to next within the website. Not your name, address or any information that makes you identifiable. We also analyse data from our partner sites where you may have come from or leave the site to view.

You can help KCU  update and maintain the accuracy of any personal information you supply by notifying us of any changes to your address, title, phone number or e-mail address.

If at any time you have queries about information we hold about you please do not hesitate to contact us.

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