The Inclusive Volunteering Project 


Since April 2016 KCU has offered volunteers additional support through the Inclusive Volunteering Project. 206 people, through either long term or light touch support have been through the project.

To help KCU achieve this we recruit and train mentor/befrienders, the training covers:

  • Core mentor/befriender training
  • Safeguarding
  • Boundary setting
  • Motivational interviewing 

Further support is provided through our themed network meetings. These are held every nine weeks and invite specialists to deliver workshops or present their organisations who may be relevant to mentors who are supporting people in the community. 

Such as:

Understanding benefits  

Substance misuse 

Mental health awareness  

Active Listening skills 


Our team of mentor/befrienders walk alongside their mentees to help them achieve their goals. As trained befrienders they can also help their mentee to connect with services in the local area until they feel more confident to go along to meetings.

The inclusive volunteering project aims to:

  • Help to access support and support networks.
  • Increase opportunities to help those who engage with the project to reach their full potential, particularly those with more complex needs.
  • Reduce isolation, increase confidence and improve wellbeing through volunteering, regardless of ability, disability or circumstance
  • Increase local organisations’ understanding of disability, mental health and wellbeing issues affecting people and the mentoring/befriending approach

If you would like to train to become a mentor/befriender watch Gaels story and check information here 

Inclusive volunteering Project Referral

Pathways to accessing a mentor/befriender

If you or you know of someone who you feel would progress better if they had the support of a mentor there are a few options to refer these are: 

  • Phone the KCU office  and speak with the Project Manager 
  • Fill out the referral form below and email to
  • Call into the office and speak with Sylvia

Self Referral  Inclusive Volunteering Project Self Referral

Organisational referral – Inclusive volunteering Organisation Referral form



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