Inclusive Mentor/ Befriender Project Information

The  project aims to:

  • Improve access to support and support networks.

  • Increase opportunities for volunteers on work experience to reach their full potential, particularly those with more  complex needs.

  • Reduce isolation, increase confidence and improve wellbeing through volunteering, regardless of ability, disability or circumstance.

  • Increase local organisations’ understanding of disability, mental health and wellbeing issues affecting employability and the mentoring/befriending approach.

Inclusive Mentor/ Befriender Project Referral Guidance Booklet

If you would like to refer someone or self-refer please use the referral form at the bottom of this page.

Inclusive Mentor/ Befriender Project Referral Form

Name of referrer

Name of organisation

Email contact

Telephone contact

Details of Individual Being Referred
Please ensure the individual is happy for you to share this information with us. This information is to help ensure the mentoring/befriending relationship works well. Any further sharing of information will only be done with the individuals consent.

Name of person referred

Email contact (required)

Telephone contact

Address of person

Please provide details of any relevant medication conditions/special needs that we should be aware of

Please provide information about why the person has been referred to the Project.

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