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Recycled Furniture, Foodbank & Training
KCU was originally founded in 1984 to provide education, training and support for the unemployed, unwaged and low income households of Kettering and surrounding areas. A registered, not for profit, charity launched in 2006 (previously founded as Kettering Centre for the Unwaged and Unemployed in1984, to help support a town suffering from escalating redundancies in the manufacturing industry). Our services have expanded over the years to include Recycling Furniture and a Foodbank provision. In order to more accurately reflect our wider community activity, we recently changed our name to the Kettering Community Unit.

KCU currently provides the following educational services: Further education (approximately 35 courses a year, ranging from IT at a variety of levels, practical skills, all of which are undertaken with the support of WEA and NCC some provide a market recognised accreditation/qualification.

95% of our support is provided on a voluntary basis

Our Students age range is  18 to 89.

Our services looks to support addressing:

  • Improved ability for students to gain fruitful employment.
  • Social isolation, especially amongst the elderly.
  • Improved quality of life for everyone that uses our services.
  • Supports students with mental health issues.
  • Mothers returning to work.
  • Incapacity and disabled.
  • Long-term sick and unemployed.
  • Breaking negative, non-achieving, family patterns.
  • Closing of the gap between leaving school with limited or no recognised level of education, providing up to a level 2 further education qualification.

During the last academic year we enrolled 900+ places on our courses for  low/unwaged and unemployed learners

KCU is heavily reliant on our volunteers . Simply, without the KCU Volunteer Team we do not have a charity! We hope that the varied activities and the positive impact our charity has on the community will encourage more people to volunteer. If you would like to join the KCU Volunteer Team we would be delighted to hear from you.

You can get in touch by:

  • Asking in the shop and picking up a form.
  • Download the form Volunteer application form and email to sylvia.mclevy.kcu@btconnect.com
  • Phone the office and arrange a meeting or a call back.
  • Use the Contact Us Page.

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