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Recycled Furniture

We work with Kettering Borough Council and other partners to provide low cost recycled furniture, from second hand sofas, to dining room furniture and household goods to those in need through our charity street shops.  This also helps to reduce items going to Landfill sites.

Recycled Furniture

Our Recycling Approach


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We have created a forum consisting of KBC, local charities and local businesses with the same mindset to support the most vulnerable people in our community.

Forum members will “donate” appropriate used and second hand furniture for recycling and household items for people in need.

Utilisation of household items removed from void properties would be an option.

The items will be stored and managed by KCU for distribution.

KCU will also capture the quantity of these items to record their re-usage.

KBC and local charities will identify the needs of vulnerable tenants and pass this information to KCU. KCU organises the necessary recycled items to go to tenants.

We believe that this would potentially be a unique method of supporting vulnerable people in our community and will demonstrate many of the key elements of the “Big Society” concept.

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